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We are one of the top number plate manufacturers of American aluminium embossed number plates in the United Kingdom.

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Here at Craigsplates, we have a passion for American number plates and after attending many American car shows, and numerous visits to the U.S. we decided it was time to start making traditional American number plates. We will give you as much information as possible before you purchase your American sized license plates from us. You need to know the law, and what we can make for you at present.

Unlike most cars, the American car has the space to fit one size number plate, ie 12" x 6". This size plate is on USA Plates SelectionEVERY American car and truck in the States. All States (with the exception of Delaware and Nebraska) have die pressed plates, where the letter is pressed through the aluminium plate and then the raised surface of the plate is painted. Most States use blue letters, but other states use black, red, green and even white paint on their plates. Most States plates are still made inside penitentiaries by inmates.

At American Number Plates we use the latest high-tech equipment to design, build and manufacture your number plate. All our plates are manufactured using the American style font (Connecticut at 65mm). These plates are embossed on a 25 ton press, and then hot foiled with the colour of your choice, which is normally black.

The plates we keep in stock are white and yellow reflective 12" x 6" and lemon yellow for the rear (non-reflective) together with black for older cars. We also now keep in stock replica state plates from Arizona, California , Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, and New York. Also in stock are - Florida, North Carolina and Texas! A must have is our USA Stars and Stripes plate, which looks great with a name on, perfect for your motor home, R.V. or just as a gift! As of yet we do not make metal USA bike plates. However we are able to make them in Acrylic.

We keep a full range of Licence Plate Frames to hold the 12" x 6" plates. On that note, if you already have a plate frame, it may obscure part of the plate, so it is best to send the frame to us, or even a template of your frame, as there is a huge possibility that your registration will be cut off top or bottom as every frame is different! We also keep all the American Zippo Lighters (Zippos not really kept by British shops). We keep in stock an ever growing range of USA Car Stickers and a very good selection of American Key Rings.

Are you into films? Then you will love our Movie Plates! All of these can be added to your basket before the checkout. We also have a full range of True Utility - gadget knives, multi tools, and LED torches, we have sold these for over six years, and they have proved to be very popular!

Please Note: Due to a change in British legislation, all showplates are now manufactured and despatched from our office in Co. Wexford, Southern Ireland..
When you buy plates from Craigsplates we do our utmost to ensure you'll be happy with the results. We look forward to doing business with you.

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