American Car Key Blanks

As you may have seen at some American Car Shows we have been to, we keep and cut a full range of American Car Keys. Over the next 6 months, I will upload as much information about American Car Keys, to help you select and buy the correct key blank for your car. Have you been told "we do not cut those keys here?" Well as you can imagine 99% of locksmiths do not carry American Keys. 95% of our range is imported from the USA.

If you do not see the key blanks in the list, then just email us a picture of the key, along with make, model and year, and we will try to match this for you. We do not promise to keep every key blank, but I will promise we have one of the largest range of American Key Blanks in Europe.

We keep in stock a hugh selection of American Car, Bike and Motorhome Keys, and have just started building a website with these on We can now cut these keys to code, so you will not need to send us your key, if you know the key code. Trimark Keys have the code stamped on the head of the key. And so do some other keys. If you need to know if we can do your key, please send us a picture of your key with any codes or markings on it.

Uploaded so Far

Trimark Motor Home Keys
Trimark Keys Trimark Key Blank
 Fitted to many American Motor homes, the key is easily distinguished by the Trimark logo. PDF file of Trimark Keys (89.5kb) 


JUST IN - GENUINE GM  for all American Cars

Ford Keys

Now in Stock Origanal Ford Key Blanks.

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