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california license plateWithout question, California is our best selling plate. This is a picture of the  California License Plate we keep these in stock in our factory, and can emboss (press) and foil these in under 48 hours (depending on qty of orders) and we ship these world wide. These plates are made from aluminium, and will fit maximum 8 letters/numbers and is embossed using the  65mm Connecticut script.
The best size registration for this plate is 7-8 characters. These plates are foiled with blue letters, to give the authentic California License Plate look.
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The above plate was used in the film "Back to the Future" situated on the rear of Outatime car Doc Emmett Browns delorean.  It was embossed with the license plate "OUTATIME" We keep the best replica of this plate on the market! Click to view. So if your car comes from California, or you just want your name embossed on these plate, just give us a call!
Californai Plate

We also sell the California Flag Sticker and the California Oval Bumber Sticker

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The Golden State 
California map
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California flag 

Basic information on 1963- present plates:

  • 1963 was the last year a complete new plate issuance to all vehicles occured (the plates had a black background and chrome yellow characters).
  • 1970 is the year the basic plate was changed to a blue background with yellow characters. It was also the last year any black/yellow plates were issued.
  • 1976, year round registration started which requires a month expiration sticker afixed to the upper left hand corner of the plate.
  • 1982 is the year when the standard plate was changed to a white background with blue characters with a sun graphic and CALIFORNIA in red block letters. It was also the last year any blue/yellow plates were issued.
  • 1987, reflectorized plates with CALIFORNIA in red block letters were issued. The sun graphic was discontinued.
  • 1991, only reflectorized basic plates were issued.
  • 1993, the word CALIFORNIA was changed to red script.
  • 1997, stickers were made with background colors that change every year and characters printed in black.
  • Basic plates issued from 1998 through 2000 contain the words SESQUICENTENNIAL - 150 YEARS in red block letters at the bottom of the plates.
  • 2001, the basic plate is white with blue characters and CALIFORNIA in red script. There is no writing at the bottom of the plate.

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