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Delaware This is a picture of the Delaware License Plate we keep these in stock in our factory, and can emboss (press) and foil these. 
We ship these worldwide. These plates are made from aluminium, and will fit maximum 8 letters/numbers and are embossed using the 65mm Connecticut script. The best size registration for this plate is 7-8 characters. These plates are foiled with either blue or black letters, to give the authentic Delaware License Plate look. We can also do this plate in yellow reflective.

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The First State 
Delaware map
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Delaware flag 
The state of Delaware began issuing license plates to vehicles in 1905. Initially owners were required to make their own plates, and not until 1909 did the state issue its own first official license plates. Car owners up until that time generally assigned between one and three numbers to their license plate. However in 1909, the state began assigning numbers starting with 1,000 because of the sporadic issuing of numbers under 1,000 and of poor record keeping of them.

In 1935, tag numbers 1, 2, and 3 were reserved for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Secretary of State respectively by the Delaware General Assembly. Delaware license plate #4 and up remained in the general circulation.2 Nowadays car owners and family members alike cover lower number tags in the state of Delaware. Tags are transferrable from vehicle to vehicle and can also be sold from Delawarean to Delawarean. The Division of Motor Vehicles only levies a $20 fee for the transfer of a tag number from one owner to another. This allows for a family to keep a license plate number in their family from generation to generation. Ones that are not maintained run the risk of ceding back to the State and put back in general circulation.

The rage of low license plate numbers fetches some outrageous tag number sales in the state of Delaware. In 1994 the sale of Delaware tag #9 garnered $182,500 and in 2005 Delaware tag #170 sold for $115,000.

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