How an American Number Plate is made

How an American Number Plate is made

Shown here is a picture of "Tessie", our newest investment. She is a 25 tonne press and has already been put through the paces! She is capable of pressing American, German and French number plates. Weighing nearly 350kg, she is too heavy to be moved. I had hoped to be able to take this machine with me to the American shows, but it took five people and an engine hoist to lift it onto the bench. So, putting her in the trailer for shows is, unfortunately, out of the question! The wall behind the machine in the picture shows USED American licence plates (we did not make these). They are there so I can match fonts and styles as closely as possible to each State. Press1

This picture below shows a blank white virgin plate ready to be embossed in "Tessie". These plates are 12" x 6", the standard size for ALL USA cars. Each State in the USA uses this size plate, which therefore makes life easy when selecting your plate size!

This picture shows the plate in the dies, correctly aligned and ready for 25 tonne of pressure to be applied. Pressing the number ANP COM (American-Number-Plate.Com) It is in the press for approximately five seconds, and comes out of the press as shown by this picture. Press3


Pressed with the 65mm Connecticut script lettering.

press5The plate is then put through the hot foil system, and then run through the hot wheel which applies the foil to the plate at just over 185 degrees, to make the finished surface both durable and weather proof. This plate is showing the foil in blue, but on a yellow plate, please note, the blue will be a darker finish. Please also note that your screen may show a different blue to the plate itself, so colours are not shown as accurate!

The plate can then be finished with text of your choice, this plate showing the Red "TEXAS" state on the top, with the wording "THE LONE STAR STATE" at the bottom, just as the Texas plate, it is a very good match, although not exact!

You also have  the option to purchase our chrome frames, these will cover the border of the plate, but do add such a touch of class! If you have already purchased your own frame, it is advisable to send it to us, in order to enable us to stamp the letters centre of the viewable area!

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