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Idaho This is a picture of the Idaho License Plate we keep these in stock in our factory, and can emboss (press) and foil these. 
We ship these worldwide. These plates are made from aluminium, and will fit maximum 8 letters/numbers and are embossed using the 65mm Connecticut script. The best size registration for this plate is 7-8 characters. These plates are foiled with either black or blue letters, to give the authentic Idaho License Plate look. We can also do this plate in yellow reflective.

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Famous Potatoes 
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The state of Idaho issued its first plates in 1913, with the price determined by the value of the vehicle. There were only 2,083 plates issued that year (each vehicle receiving a single plate). Motorcycles were not issued an actual license plate. Instead, the owners simply painted their registry number, state, and year of manufacture on the rear mud guard. In 1917, motorcyclists received their first actual motorcycle plates.

Idaho has a long history of creative plate designs, in fact, it pioneered the concept. In 1928, Idaho became the first state in the nation to feature a graphic on a license plate by proudly displaying an impressive Idaho potato that filled the entire plate.

The 1940 plate commemorated 50 YEARS OF STATEHOOD, and from 1941 to 1946 the words SCENIC IDAHO appeared on Idaho plates. 1947 plates proclaimed the state a VACATION WONDERLAND! The 1948 plate highlighted our most famous product as WORLD FAMOUS POTATOES. In 1953 and 1956, the slogan was modified to read WORLD FAMOUS POTATO, but was shortened to FAMOUS POTATOES in 1957.

1913-1927: none
1928: "Idaho Potatoes;" number printed over background picture of potato.
1929-1939: none
1940: "50 Years Statehood", across top "1890 Idaho 1940" across bottom.
1947: Skier between county & plate number "Vacation Wonderland" across bottom.
1948-1949: Colored potato decal between numbers; "World Famous Potatoes" across bottom.
1950-1952: none
1953: "World Famous Potato" across bottom.
1954-1955: none
1956: "World Famous Potato" across bottom.
1957- "Famous Potatoes" across bottom.
1983- Graphic mountain scene across top.
1987-1990: Optional red/white/blue centennial plates with "1890 Idaho 1990" across top and "Centennial, across bottom.

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