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Washington This is a picture of the Washington License Plate we keep these in stock in our factory, and can emboss (press) and foil these. 
We ship these worldwide. These plates are made from aluminium, and will fit maximum 8 letters/numbers and are embossed using the 65mm Connecticut script. The best size registration for this plate is 7-8 characters. These plates are foiled with either black or blue letters, to give the authentic Washington License Plate look. We can also do this plate in yellow reflective.

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  • The Division of Motor Vehicles was created by the Legislature and placed under the direction of the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State signed all licenses personally.


  • There was a flat fee of $2 charged on a yearly basis. A license number was then assigned. The owner was responsible for making his own "plate." It could be made of wood, metal, or leather, with number pained or fasten on. This plate had to be carried on the vehicle. If the owner did not wish a plate, they could stencil the number on the front and rear of the vehicle itself. There were not plates issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles.


    • A 1968 law required that all new license plates be manufactured using reflectorized material. This was to allow easier identification of license plates in the dark.


    • Personalized plates were authorized by the legislature and were made available to the public. These plates could contain from 2 to 6 numbers or letters in any combination that did not conflict with existing license plates.


    • Starting on January 1, 1987 license plates representing Washington's centennial were issued. These plates have a blue color scheme on a while background with "Washington" and "Centennial Celebration" in red. A rendition of Mount Rainier is in the background.


    • The line "Centennial Celebration" was dropped from the license plate, otherwise the license plates remained the same. Legislation this year has allowed veterans to display a U.S. flag and campaign ribbons on the bottom of the license plate.

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